Job Name / Project: This warranty is granted to the Builder of General Contractor/ Owner and is neither transferable nor refundable. This warranty pertains only to work performed by Matrix Interior Construction, Inc., employees and representatives.

Coverage & Term: This warranty is for new construction. It applies to the cost of labor and material, to replace and repair defects in materials or workmanship for a term of one year. The warranty term is based on the drywall completion date plus thirty days, or substantial completion of the project, whichever is the first to occur. This warranty includes one trip and up to two man hours to repair warranty exclusions. Material cost not included.

Exclusions: Common repairs that are not considered a defect in materials or workmanship include cracks, nail pops, visible joints, buckled corner beads, loose tape, failed repair etc. if caused by:

  • Expansion and contraction of lumber
  • Natural setting of the home
  • Inferior framing installation or inadequate support
  • Movement in truss framing due to snow loads or truss lift
  • Unusual shrinkage due to high or low moisture levels during of after the drywall process
  • Using temporary heat after the hanging of the drywall is complete
  • Ceilings not being insulated prior to the start of the drywall finish process
  • Improper preparation or application of paint causing the compound to lose adhesion
  • Using reflective or artificial light conditions

Warranty Repair Request: A one time warranty repair request can be made at any time during the one year. If a repair is determined to be excluded from warranty coverage, or the repair takes more than one trip and 2 man hours, the additional trips and man hours will be due and payable along with any material costs.

 Note: Repairs completed under this warranty do not extend the original term of this warranty and does not include any paint or repainting. Warranty repair work will be performed only if the receivable account is not delinquent.

Other Details


  • Texture repairs under any condition, are not guaranteed to be an exact pattern or color match.
  • Plaster and patch in repairs have no guarantee under any condition. They will be invoiced based on the current rate for time, travel and material as required. Time consists of one way travel time, plus on the job time.
  • Protecting floors or furnishings is the responsibility of the Builder, General Contractor/ Owner.  In some cases, Matrix Interior Construction Inc., may make a sincere attempt to protect flooring or furnishings; however we cannot guarantee they will not be damaged in some way.
  • Touchups requested after completion of construction is limited to one process trip and is 100% chargeable.
  • Adhesion and time required for repairs over painted and/ or old textured surfaces cannot be guaranteed.
  • This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and is in addition to manufacturere's warranties.